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A ring with a twist

Unique Evil Eye Ring

Spring is in the air !! Even though the winter was not as bad as most years in the US, it is always nice to feel the sun and get those smells of spring from freshly mowed yards to blooming flowers. We wanted to feature a ‘cool’ design evil eye ring in this post from […]

Be My Valentine!

Evil Eye Ring for Valentines Day

We all think of hearts and chocolate when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts.  At least most men definitely do but can you do the same thing for every Valentine’s day and still be considered thoughtful? Every gift we get is special but I think we can all appreciate some originality. Jeyla’s wide selection of […]

Evil Eye Shirt for the Evil Eye Ring

An Original Evil Eye Shirt Design by JEYLA

We have always focused on trying to get jewelry to match our outfit based on the color scheme we want to get or just to complete the look overall. JEYLA adds a new twist to the equation when it comes to evil eye jewelry as now the site has a wide selection of evil eye apparel […]

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Rings

With gold prices at an all time high, sterling silver has been the most popular choice in jewelry. The crisp look of silver as well as affordable pricing makes it more appealing than ever. Evil Eye Jewelry have always made a great pairing due to the harmony of silver with the blue of the evil […]

Evil Eye Squared

Enamel Evil Eye Ring

The jewelry collection has several evil eye rings as well as evil eye bracelets in a variety of designs as well as colors. The evil eye look is enhanced with the addition of bright colors and the addition of mini charms.

Evil Eye Ring in a Set

Evil Eye Jewelry Set from JEYLA

“The complete set is always very appealing” says Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. ” Some of our most successful sets this holiday season were ones featuring everything including the evil eye rings”

Evil Eye Ring with a twist

Evil Eye Ring with Zirconium Stones

It is easy to create blog posts with the selection of evil eye rings @ JEYLA. Everytime we look at the page with evil eye rings , we see one more piece that has to be shared with others. The ring pictured is a perfect example of the kind of unique designs available. A gorgeous […]

Crystal Collection of Evil Eye Rings

Crystal Evil Eye Ring

A few weeks back, we announced JEYLA Jewelry revealed its brand new look. The site is a lot easier to browse with great pictures as well as a layout that is easy on the eye. We must have been so mesmerized with the look of the site that we missed out on the most important […]

The new JEYLA is here!

New Crystal Evil Eye Ring @ Jeyla

Jeyla has always been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to online evil eye stores. From its presentation to the professional customer service it provides, the website has always been top notch but it is now better than ever.

Evil Eye Hamsa Ring


This unique evil eye ring is part of a new line of Enamel Evil Eye Rings. Different colors of enamel are used on each ring to make a colorful and unique design on each piece. All of the rings are made with a basic silver or gold coated metal and then enhanced with the enamel to create all of the amazing desgins you see here. Each ring has an adjustable band giving you the option to change the ring size to your own prefered size.

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