Evil Eye Ring with a twist

Evil Eye Ring with Zirconium Stones

It is easy to create blog posts with the selection of evil eye rings @ JEYLA. Everytime we look at the page with evil eye rings , we see one more piece that has to be shared with others.

The ring pictured is a perfect example of the kind of unique designs available. A gorgeous evil eye ring with cubic zirconium stones that looks like it cost hundreds of dollars yet is a lot less and is of excellent quality.

Imagine being able to give a gift that is affordable but has the look of expensive jewelry that can create an instant “WOW!”. Well… mission accomplished !

Crystal Collection of Evil Eye Rings

Crystal Evil Eye Ring

A few weeks back, we announced JEYLA Jewelry revealed its brand new look. The site is a lot easier to browse with great pictures as well as a layout that is easy on the eye.

We must have been so mesmerized with the look of the site that we missed out on the most important news to the blog followers. EVIL EYE RINGS!!! Along with the new layout, the website introduced hundreds of new items from evil eye jewelry sets to brand new bracelets. Let’s keep our focus on our main passion however, the new additions to the evil eye ring selection.

The new crystal evil eye rings as the one pictured on this post is only one of the many new designs of evil eye rings added to the site. JEYLA not only came up with several new designs of evil eye rings in their ring category but also introduced several evil eye jewelry sets which include an evil eye pendant, matching earrings and…you guessed it .. a beautiful matching evil eye ring.

The new JEYLA is here!

New Crystal Evil Eye Ring @ Jeyla

Jeyla has always been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to online evil eye stores. From its presentation to the professional customer service it provides, the website has always been top notch but it is now better than ever.

Jeyla released its new look website a few days ago and it is already getting rave reviews. From crystal clear close-ups of its beautiful evil eye jewelry to improved shipping and giftwrap options, JEYLA has really set itself apart from the competition.

Angie Uras, sales and marketing manager of JEYLA, says that they have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new look. ” The new features are a compilation of what our customers wanted from us. From adding UPS to shipping options to providing the ability to use google checkout, we have implemented all the requests we have received over the last 3-4 years of our most recent web design.

What is new @ Jeyla?

  • Over 200 new items with new exclusives such as Pandora bracelets, crystal evil eye charms and more
  • Ability to calculate shipping before checkout
  • The website  has now added UPS as a shipping method along with the US Postal Service
  • Jeyla accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. They now added Google Checkout
  • Live help via Online Chat
  • Expanded gift wrapping options enables you to choose from several giftwrap options
  • Customize your evil eye jewelry and create an evil eye bracelet with the color combination of your choice!
  • A new blog with evil eye shopping tips as well as information about the evil eye

Check out the new look of the website @ www.jeyla.com . Jeyla has been selling evil eye jewelry online for over 10 years but the latest layout and selection shows that the website is determined to stay well ahead of the competition when it comes to selection and pricing

Evil Eye Hamsa Ring


This unique evil eye ring is part of a new line of Enamel Evil Eye Rings. Different colors of enamel are used on each ring to make a colorful and unique design on each piece. All of the rings are made with a basic silver or gold coated metal and then enhanced with the enamel to create all of the amazing desgins you see here. Each ring has an adjustable band giving you the option to change the ring size to your own prefered size.

The ring you see here is a 25mm wide x 33mm high hamsa hand shaped ring with a 6mm wide adjustable silver metal band. It has blue enamel dots in the center of the hand that form a flower shape with the evil eye as the center.

The Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima serves as a way of protecting one from the evil eye, or for providing a “protecting hand”.  This is an old and popular amulet used for protection from the evil eye.  The word Hamsa means five and refers to the number of digits on the hand

JEYLA adding the final touches

Evil Eye Jewelry - Evil Eye Bracelet

About a month ago, our post promised a new selection of evil eye rings most of which are original designs from the evil eye jewelry website with the most exclusive designs. JEYLA the Evil Eye Store has indeed been leading the evil eye shopping websites by carrying items that no other site has with their site exclusives.

JEYLA has grown a lot over the last decade and the website is about to launch their new look with new features that were requested by their customers such as a larger variety of shipping options, online live help etc.

Regular customers of JEYLA however are looking more for the new designs that the site has been holding back on as they add the finishing touches on their new website.  Angela Uras, the sales and marketing manager of the company, promises that the results will be worth the wait.  ” We are always looking for ways to improve our website as well as our selection. We will be achieving both with the launch of the new sites by adding several new designs and adding a lot of additional functionality to the site. Most of the changes made to the site is based on the feedback we have received from our customers and I think they will be very pleased with what we have done.”

The site is due launch sometime this summer and the anxious wait continues for those of us who enjoy the different designs of evil eye jewelry.

Coming Soon… Largest Evil Eye Ring Collection Online

Evil Eye Rings

Are you looking for a better selection of evil eye rings? Not only you found the right site to find out more about them but you are also about to get some great news.

Jeyla the evil eye store (www.jeyla.com)  is about to launch their brand new selection of evil eye jewelry and most of the new items will be evil eye rings. The website itself is getting a makeover which aims to make it easier to shop with even better pictures that you can zoom in on as well as online chat help and an improved checkout system.

JEYLA wants the new line to launch along with the new website design due to launch sometime in June so most of the designs are being kept off of the shelves for now. EvilEyeRing.com was able to get you some information though about the new collection which will feature over 25 new ring styles and over a hundred new items for the site overall.

Patience… is all we can suggest for the time being as the site launch nears. You can take a look at the picture and dream of the other evil eye ring designs that are coming our way

Evil Eye : Fact or Fiction

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Charm

The concept of the curse or the thought of its possibility has been around for more than a millennium. Millions of beliefs and superstitions have come and gone but the evil eye (otherwise known as the lucky eye) is still stronger than ever. “We had several people visiting to see our newborn. The day was full of compliments of how cute and healthy she was as many visitors came to the house with constant adoration. That same night our baby was ill with a high fever that seemed out of control. My husband and I could not figure out why until one of our friends mentioned the evil eye and explained us the belief and how it could have possibly been the cause. We have been a strong believer since and will cherish the evil eye selection you have. We have seen first hand that you can never have enough evil eye protection and we are definitely not going to live without protecting ourselves from it” writes Jennifer Kypzcak from Mingo, Ohio. Was it the evil eye that gave this baby a high fever or a simpler explanation of one of the people in that house that day brought over an uninvited germ along with them? The discussion almost seems endless due to the inability to show concrete examples or as the skeptics would say, scientific proof. Do we really need such proof to believe in the concept or is it one of those things that we know is there regardless of the concrete proof?

This lack of irrefutable evidence has not taken a hit on the belief itself. The fact that the belief is still around despite debunking of many others shows that there is something stronger in the concept. Some might refer to it as superstition but the belief has been passed on from generation to generation and has not lost any of its momentum. A quick search will reveal thousands of stories which would be considered testimonials to any believer. Is the it for real? It is a debate that will never end nor produce a result. The evil eye belief or as some call it, the lucky eye remains to affect the daily lives of many around the world. This is why there are thousands of purchases made every day for different forms of evil eye protection from evil eye jewelry to cell phone charms. The discussion of the belief being real or just another fear created by our imagination will go on forever. Ask any believer and they will be sure to tell you that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Evil Eye Flower Ring

Today’s featured item is another evil eye ring. It along with the greek key ring posted in the past few weeks is an inexpensive choice when you are looking for a great evil eye accessory.

This evil eye ring is a silver toned metal ring with an adjustable back. Due to such a great feature, this ring can fit most sizes. The band is approximately 1/4 inch thick. The main focus of this ring is the metal flower petals with a cubic zirconium stone placed at the end of each petal. In the center of the flower design is an 8mm clear blue evil eye bead. The ring has a diameter of approximately 3/4 of an inch.

This is one of the least expensive rings on the market. We will have some very unique rings in some coming posts that have a slightly higher price range.

Evil Eye Wedding Favors

 So you are looking for that perfect wedding favor for your special day. You want it to be something that is special to you and your family. What better choice than the evil eye. You can choose from a large selection of items or if you have something else in mind just use the sterling silver evil eye pendant and add it to your own designs.

This evil eye wedding favor we are featuring here is a 1 1/2 inch gold colored bell with a white ribbon and a small note card that reads “Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate a lifetime of Love and Happiness”. It is decorated with a 3/4 inch wide light clear blue sterling silver evil eye pendant.

Give your guests an item they can use forever with this beautiful sterling silver charm.

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant

  The Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima serves as a way of protecting one from the evil eye, or for providing a “protecting hand”.  This is an old and popular amulet used for protection from the evil eye.  The word Hamsa means five and refers to the number of digits on the hand.

This particular evil eye pendant in the shape of the Hamsa hand is created by using .925 sterling silver as a solid frame and then embellished with a delicate sterling silver rope design throughout the remainder of the hand. In the center of the hand is a light blue glass evil eye that measures 8mm across. 

The evil eye pendant is 23mm (3/4 inch) across and 35mm (1 1/2 inches) in length and approximately 3mm thick. This is a very lovely evil eye pendant that also gives the extra good luck of the Hamsa hand.

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