Evil Eye Bracelets – Pandora Style

This blogs main focus has always been the collection of evil eye rings but we all need something to match it to … Pandora bracelets are definitely a summer favorite like last year but the steep price tag can keep many out of the picture. If you are after the look more than the brand and labels, JEYLA has the perfect solution with its evil eye bracelets with pandora style beads. The website offers several types of these bracelets and even a few watches with these gorgeous beads.

One of these unique evil eye bracelets is sure to appeal to your taste but if you want to make your own personal bracelet, use the customization options that www.jeyla.com offers to make an evil eye bracelet that is truly YOURS. Choose the specific beads you want in terms of style and color and Jeyla Jewelry will be glad to make one for you.

Check out their selection of evil eye beads for Pandora style bracelets @ http://www.jeyla.com/evileyebracelets/pandora-style-evil-eye-bracelets.html

A ring with a twist

Unique Evil Eye Ring

Spring is in the air !!

Even though the winter was not as bad as most years in the US, it is always nice to feel the sun and get those smells of spring from freshly mowed yards to blooming flowers.

We wanted to feature a ‘cool’ design evil eye ring in this post from JEYLA’s Evil Eye Ring Collection that now features over 30 unique designs and looks. With this many options, one of them is sure to appeal to your taste and this month’s feature design is a JEYLA exclusive that is only available in limited quantities. Visit the website and snatch one before they run out like these breezy spring days. Enjoy your spring everyone!


Be My Valentine!

Evil Eye Ring for Valentines Day

We all think of hearts and chocolate when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts.  At least most men definitely do but can you do the same thing for every Valentine’s day and still be considered thoughtful? Every gift we get is special but I think we can all appreciate some originality.

Jeyla’s wide selection of evil eye jewelry guarantees that you will get an original gift that will make your loved one’s day more special.  Browse through over a thousand items as well as the options to customize your own piece of jewelry.  Make your own piece of jewelry by using your Valentine’s favorite colors, how is that for putting thought into your gift?

No… we cannot help find a good spot to take them out to dinner. We took care of the gift part for you, the rest is all yours! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

Got Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Tshirt

Jeyla just released even more designs for their evil eye apparel collection adding unique designs for kids and adults. All designs are available as short or long sleeved shirts as well as sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts. With the Xmas shopping season approaching a lot faster than some of us would like it to, this new line of apparel will definitely have its spot reserved underneath the tree.


Check out the full line of evil eye t-shirts !


Evil Eye Shirt for the Evil Eye Ring

An Original Evil Eye Shirt Design by JEYLA

We have always focused on trying to get jewelry to match our outfit based on the color scheme we want to get or just to complete the look overall. JEYLA adds a new twist to the equation when it comes to evil eye jewelry as now the site has a wide selection of evil eye apparel ranging from toddler bibs to adult sweatshirts.

Designs very from a simple but perfectly illustrated evil eye to more complex and elegant designs all of which are copyrighted by the website as they are all original creations. Pictured on this post is one of these designs that is extremely detailed to the tiny butterflies and vines. A truly gorgeous design is available in a variety of apparel through the website.

Checkout the website for other evil eye apparel and let us know which one your favorite is


Evil Eye Apparel soon @ JEYLA

Sick of seeing the weak designs of evil eyes on T-shirts and sweatshirts that are priced at outrageous prices? Join the club and more importantly, join JEYLA in May when they reveal their new selection of evil eye apparel ranging from evil eye T-shirts and sweatshirts to bibs and onesies for toddlers.

Featuring specially created designs that have vibrant colors and unique designs, the evil eye apparel collection promises to be best available not only in appearance and quality but in pricing as well. Stay tuned as we get more details and images on this collection.

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Rings

With gold prices at an all time high, sterling silver has been the most popular choice in jewelry. The crisp look of silver as well as affordable pricing makes it more appealing than ever.

Evil Eye Jewelry have always made a great pairing due to the harmony of silver with the blue of the evil eye which is the most popular color of in evil eye jewelry. The evil eye ring pictured is a great example of a sterling silver evil eye ring with swarovski style crystals. A unique design that stands out from the rest.

Evil Eye Squared

Enamel Evil Eye Ring

The evil eye ring pictured here is part of the enamel jewelry collection at www.jeyla.com, the ultimate evil eye store. The jewelry collection has several evil eye rings as well as evil eye bracelets in a variety of designs as well as colors. The evil eye look is enhanced with the addition of bright colors and the addition of mini charms.

This is definitely a section of the website that deserves a look. Make sure you give it plenty of time to browse through the designs as the popularity of the enamel evil eye jewelry line has caused JEYLA Jewelry to add several new pieces to the collection.

2011 Jeyla Exclusive

Start the new year off right by adding to your collection of evil eye jewelry. Jeyla Jewelry, your exclusive shopping spot for those truly unique evil eye pieces, is about to release their new designs for the coming year. With over 40 new jewelry pieces being added to their colletion, this should be a great year for some of the most exclusive designs yet.

Their pieces this year will feature the evil eye beads in three different sizes, the 8mm, the 12mm and the 13 x 9mm. They have been paired with a wide range of beads including wood, semi – precious stones, and glass beads in all sorts of shapes and colors. You can expect new bracelets, lots of new earrings and everyones favorite items from last year, the evil eye necklace collection.

Evil Eye Ring in a Set

Evil Eye Jewelry Set from JEYLA

Evil Eye Jewelry sets very popular this holiday season. Not surprising in many ways as the number of different sets available on websites like JEYLA Jewelry @ www.jeyla.com is the most they have ever had and spreads across several different types of evil eye jewelry.

“The complete set is always very appealing” says Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. ” Some of our most successful sets this holiday season were ones featuring everything including the evil eye rings”

Sets such as the one featured here were a popular choice as the sets not only create a beautiful combination but pieces such as the evil eye ring can be worn by itself which magnifies your jewelry collection and creates even more possibilities.

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